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How much pleasure can you handle?

At what point while having fun or indulging yourself does your body rebel and “punish” you? Today, I was having a joyful day of meditating in the morning, walking my dogs, researching my latest writing project, reading ‘A Course in Miracles’ in the bathtub, getting an hour foot massage (for $25) and delighting in a […]

Can you feel your magnificence today?

Can you feel your magnificence today? Can you feel yourself light up the room? Can you feel the joy you radiate to others with your smile? Can you feel the infinite nature of your goodness? Can you acknowledge your greatness? Can you allow your divinity? Can you open your heart to deeper knowledge of your […]

How Good Can It Get?

In moments of unmotived, blissful reflection, I find myself asking myself, “How good can you let this be?” Having overcome my personal dark nights of the soul and the majority of my trigger issues, I am relaxing into on-going periods of silence, beingness and neutrality. Yes, the colors look sharper and my awareness spreads into […]