Introduction to The Everyday Guru

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences as I grow in awareness and progress on my path of enlightenment. I call it “The Everyday Guru” because I find that I need to awaken my highest self, my inner guru, everyday so that I can be aligned with my highest wisdom and most joyful life path. A “guru” is a person who can find the light in the darkness or even transform the darkness into light.

Everyone’s path is different and I respect that. This is my journey — the forums of transformation that appeal to me. Part of awakening your own “inner guru” is discovering what works for you, what you value, what floats your boat, how you follow your bliss. To fulfill our life purpose, it helps to get in touch with what resonates highest for us.

There are many questions on the road to enlightenment. How can you tell what is your instinct vs. what is your attachment? How can you tell what is a proper warning vs. what is ego resistance. I will be answering those kinds of questions for myself using my own inner guru and hopefully can inspire you to do the same. I hope you will share your thoughts, questions and appreciations with me through the “comments.” I look forward to awakening and walking with our everyday gurus…