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So often we are annoyed with people for not listening to us or valuing our opinion. This is a clear indicator that we need to listen to ourselves more and give ourselves the appreciation we crave. Good job, Laurence!

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Spiritual Intuitive

Laurence excels at tapping into to the underlying matrix of spirit to help guide people when they are struggling in their lives. Focusing on the highest good of the person, Laurence answers relationship questions, financial questions and questions on how to transform your life. Call now. Do you need support in clearing up your issues? […]

Create Your Own Circle

Create Your Own Circle Laurence Walsh will guide you and your closest friends through a healing breath circle tailored especially for you in the comfort of your own home. (Los Angeles only.) Past circles include: Being Beloved Letting Go Of the Past Believing in Yourself Clearing the Chakras Connecting to Your Creativity Facing Your Shadow […]

Testimonials – Books

The Joy Experiment is an honest, refreshing look at how to clear away old beliefs and traumas and have more joy in your life. Laurence’s writing style is powerful and direct, while also being playful and witty enough to keep you reading on for more. Her personal story is compelling—something that I think anyone can […]

FAQs – Meditations

FAQs Q. I sometimes get a headache when I start breathing. A. The ego doesn’t like change. It likes to keep the status quo because it’s main job is to protect us and keep us alive. It doesn’t care about our quality of living or if we are happy. So, it physicalizes resistance by causing […]

Testimonials – Get Guidance

“First and foremost, Laurence is a sensitive and thoughtful listener. Her insights helped to guide me through a very precarious time in my life. I am grateful for her hopeful and joyful perspectives.” ~Sheri M.   “Her Zen voice, caring heart and spiritual intellect were excellent tools aiding me in my personal transformation! Thanks Laurence Babba!” […]

Testimonials – Meditation

Amazing.  Wonderful. Powerful.” ~ Lori R.“ “The breathwork with Laurence liberated some kind of positive energy throughout my body and the sensation stayed for a while afterwards. I felt rejuvenated in a way. My favorite part, though, was the screaming; who doesn’t like to let everything out at once? The best relief! Thanks, Laurence, it came […]

Classics for Upliftment

Books “Yes Man” by Danny Wallace “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho “Loyalty to Your Soul” by Ron & Mary Hulnick “You Can Heal Your Life” by Lousie Hay   Movies Dan In Real Life starring Steve Carell It’s a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart   Music Kelly Howell Aykanna “Feeling Good” by Michael […]