About Me

Laurence Walsh a writer and yogini who believes that joy is our birthright and that we are all responsible for transforming our lives to rediscover that joy.

Having attempted suicide at age 14, Laurence knows how challenging it can be to change from ‘a life of pain and suffering, focused desperately on survival’ to ‘a life of joy and fun that is focused on love and expansion’.

In her book, “The Joy Experiment” Laurence describes how she transformed herself from being miserable to being joyfully blissful. She shares her story so that you too can let go of negative thinking and painful misbeliefs and learn to enjoy your life.

Laurence created the Pranayama breathwork meditations to support people in creating their own metamorphosis. Laurence combines the breathwork with psychotherapy techniques like gestalt therapy and visualization to affect change on the subconscious level.

The breathwork oxygenates the cells which releases toxins from the body so that negative blocks can be lifted and the breather can feel their natural state of bliss. The breath also stimulates the amagdala to release experiences of trauma so the energy of fear doesn’t remain buried in the body creating illness and disease.

The meditations clear energy on four levels simultaneously: the physical body, the mental body (thoughts), the emotional body and the spiritual body. Every time someone does the breathwork, they release patterns that no longer serve them, raise their frequency and feel healthier, happier and more aligned with their life purpose.

Laurence’s dream is that all people learn the tools to release unnecessary suffering so they can Co-Create a life they love.

M.A. Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
Certified in Healer Training with David Elliott
Certified Constellation Facilitator