Process Your Feelings!

Ever feel drained? Exhausted? Done?

Ever feel like you’ve been doing the emotional work for two, or three or five?

Because it’s possible you have been!

When people don’t process their negative energy, they do three things with it.

  1. They repress it (and it turns into dis-ease)
  2. They re-gurgitate it to the next lowest person on the totem pole. A friend, a loved one, a child.
  3. They lash out at strangers. This is their issue turned into road rage, internet rage and political rage.


This is understandable because we don’t have an acceptable method for processing feelings that is a ritual or habit. So when those feelings creep up, we forget what to do. Often we aren’t even aware we are upset until we are yelling at some poor soul who doesn’t deserve it.

I’m not saying you can’t really be upset about politics, I’m saying, your energy for making a change in the world will be cleaner if you process your anger first.


1.First, they feelings have to come up. You can get in touch with them by sitting quietly and listening to your thoughts. You can also check in with yourself, “What am I feeling?”

2. Yell and pound a pillow: The rage needs to be expressed. It isn’t healthy to keep it inside. Find a private room with a fluffy pillow and say what you got to say!

3. Journal writing. A great way to discover your emotions is write them down. Stream of conscious writing helps to unveil our unconscious thoughts and feelings and then clear them.

4. Breath work. Try one of my CDs. Self-love, self-forgiveness, self-esteem. Each one will help you get in touch with your feelings and clear them. Once you clear the negative, your essence shines naturally.

5. Exercise. Exercise is a natural de-stressor. Those negative thoughts and feelings get  sweat out and the serotonin replaces the negative feelings with positive ones.

If you are processing feelings for another person, there are many techniques you can use to clear it.

1.You can “give them back their energy and take your energy back to you.”

2.You can get a Family Constellation – I specialize in separating energy.

3. You can create clear boundaries that you will not allow another person to cross.

4. You can share this blog so the other person will know how to process their own feelings.



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