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Want to grow your income? Your savings? Your ability to receive?

In this five part series, we will closely examine your relationship to money and the family patterns and life experiences that could be blocking you from receiving more. Using the scientifically proven “tapping” technique, we will release possible subconscious fears around creating wealth. I personally quadrupled my income using these techniques.

  • Week One: Your Money Paradigm – Early patterns from your parents, culture and misbeliefs about rich people
  • Week Two: Financial Trauma – Big money losses from mistakes and even betrayals can scar us and make us afraid of earning again
  • Week Three: Income – Feeling invisible, self-worth issues, inability to receive
  • Week Four: Debt and Savings – Self-judgments and feelings of deserving
  • Week Five: Setting Big Goals and Clearing the Obstacles

Where: The Altadena Healing Arts Center

When: 10am-12pm on Saturdays, July 29, August 5, 12, 19, and 26

What to bring: Yourself and any limiting belief you are ready to let go of!

Suggested Donation: $20 per session

Early Bird Special: register before July 15th and receive all 5 classes for $85

Register today by emailing: laurencewalsh@prodigy.net or call (818) 669-6829

“The EFT session with Laurence was so helpful. I laughed and cried and felt a huge release. It has helped me really work through some limiting fears that have held me back. I recommend her to anyone open to helping themselves get out of their own way.” – RM from Woodland Hills

Laurence holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, is trained in Kundalini Yoga, Family Constellation, Pranayama Breathwork and EFT.

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