Uplift Yourself

To change how you feel you can do one of two things: you can either go into what is bothering you and work it out (and then feel better after it is cleared) or you can put whatever is not joyful on the proverbial shelf and focus on something that uplifts you.

To go back to the original source to clear the issue takes time and privacy, the breathwork meditations are designed for this purpose. This page will be about using a morphic field, a field of energy, to raise your vibration from outside yourself.

  1. Close your eyes (after reading this)
  2. Take a few deep breaths
  3. Take anything bothering you and put it in an imaginary waste basket or an imaginary clipboard
  4. Think of someone, something or some place you absolutely love.
  5. Feel the feelings associated with that person, place or thing. Whatever it is, let the feelings wash over you. Surround yourself with the positive feelings of affection, connection and excitement.
  6. Open your eyes and begin the day anew.

If you set your intention to feel more joy everyday, then that is the path you will create.

More Ways to Uplift Yourself

  1. Do some Fingerpainting. Art therapy is a proven technique to uplift the spirits. It allows us to move from our rational, critical left brain into our creative, expansive right brain.
  2. Listen to Music you Love. Listening to uplifting music can be an immediate game changer.
  3. Take a Dance Break. Humans were not meant to be so sedentary. Sometimes, getting up, stretching and even putting on a song to dance to can raise your energy as well as you mood. Sure, close the office door first.
  4. Pay Attention to YOU! Take a break to pay attention to yourself. We put so much attention on other people sometimes we forget to listen and acknowledge ourselves. Sit quietly, breath deeply, imagining the breath moving all the way into your stomach, let go of tension in the shoulders and neck. Ask yourself how you are. Pause and listen for an answer. Ask yourself what you need. Listen for an answer. Ask yourself what would make you happy. Listen for an answer. Acknowledge yourself for taking the time to listen and really hear yourself. Make a plan to do the thing that would make you happy.
  5. Make an Appointment to do Something You Love. Get a massage, eat at a favorite restaurant, meet someone for a hike. Sometimes just making the appointment ties us into the energetic field of the activity and we can feel uplifted by the connection.
  6. Take a Walk. The sun contains vitamin D, an essential ingredient in happiness. Reconnecting to this source of energy is instantly uplifting. Also, outside, you can connect to the beauties of nature: the soft caress of the wind, the feeling of freedom and the reminder to let life be like nature – effortless, abundant and joyful.
  7. Aromatherapy. Smells have their own vibration. They can instantly uplift us. Find a smell that you love and keep it on your desk. Mine is rose oil, though grapefruit and tangerine are also very uplifting. Sandlewood, ylang ylang and musk can help with grounding and being present in the body.
  8. Try Something New. So often our energy gets drained because we repeat the same routine everyday: we eat the same foods, talk to the same people and do the same activities. When we try something new, we get an influx of new energy –a freshness of taking a chance and going outside our comfort zone. Try karate, or scuba or Tai Chi or rock climbing or sculpting class or roller blading or a new path to work.
  9. Join a group!!! There is nothing more enlivening or fun then being part of a group. Whether you choose a sports group or an acapella singing group, the camaraderie and support and joint goal raises your spirits like nothing else. www.meetup.com has hundreds of groups to choose from or you can create your own. The buddhistfoodies meet up group…the hippityhop soccer team…
  10. Forgive Yourself. Often times we feel bad in our bodies from judging ourselves or judging others. To feel better we need to let go of the judgment. Find a private place, take a few breaths, ask yourself…what am a judging as wrong? Forgive yourself for judging yourself for whatever it is. We are all doing the best we can. We don’t need to add problems by judging ourselves or others. When I forgive myself for judging myself, the upliftment is INSTANT and tangible!
  11. Acknowledge Yourself! We blossom under praise and cringe and withdraw under criticism so it is important to focus on and acknowledge what you are doing that you like and appreciate. Everything that is on your path to being the best you, praise it! If you make one wise decision, if you choose one healthier food or another, if you exercise when you said you would, if you do one kindness a day for another person, congratulate yourself! This feels great and also puts the attention on what you want rather than what you don’t.
  12. Slide into Your Heart. Take a waterslide from your head to your heart. Literally imagine that you are on a waterslide in you brain and ride the waves past your eyes and nose, down your throat, along your spine and land in the warm pool of your heart. Our minds exist in duality where everything will always have two sides. When we are present in our heart space, we can make decisions based on what is aligned for us, our own intuition and loving energy. This technique comes from Matrix Energetics.

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