Family Constellation in October

Resolution is always bound up with honor and respect. -Bert Hellinger

Family Constellationtreewithroots

October 18, 3-6pm

Location: 270 Oceano Drive, Brentwood, CA 90049

Cost: $25 to attend, $60 to have a Constellation (all Constellations have been spoken for at this time).


Family Constellation is a gentle healing modality that looks at underlying patterns of a trauma and traces them back to their origin so that the original wound can be addressed and healed. In his practice as a psychotherapist, the founder of Constellation, Bert Hellinger, observed that people subconsciously take on the destructive patterns in their families as a way of belonging.

Family Constellation can help

  • -ease worry and fear
  • -heal relationships
  • -understand the past (exes/divorces/abortion/miscarriage)
  • -cure addictions
  • -retrieve parts of ourselves disassociated in childhood
  • reconnect to the souls of our parents
  • reconnect to divine spirit
  • empower an individual to take action
  • heal physical issues that may be psychosomatic
  • grieve a loss
  • change a self-sabotaging pattern

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Here’s what people have said about my workshops in the past:

Thank you so much, Laurence, for that amazing experience. It was incredible.” –I.C., Malibu

Laurence is SO skilled at guiding this process, staying neutral, and also knowing great questions/timing, etc. I can tell her intuition/higher self is really with her/assisting/leading. I felt many things in my family lineage shifting. Thank you so much, I loved it. I am very grateful! ”   –K.N., Brentwood

I felt a huge block move after my constellation with Laurence. It was really beneficial. I immediately got work and I’ve continued to double my income.” – Julie R, Sherman Oaks

The difference between “having a Constellation” and “attending” is that when you “have a Constellation”, the Constellation focuses on your issue. When you are an attendee, you represent elements in another person’s Constellation. The healing can be deep either way. Often when a person represents, they identify or share an issue with someone else. By standing as a representative they can receive the loving energy or compassionate insight they need to help resolve their own issue.

Laurence laurence-event_picWalsh-Hodson is a TV writer and yogini who believes people should take responsibility for their lives and happiness through healing tools and techniques. Laurence trained in Family Constellation with the compassionate and powerful Francesca Mason Boring who studied under Bert Hellinger. Laurence also holds a MA in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. Further, she’s a Certified Pranayama Yoga Breathwork Coach and Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

What to wear: comfortable clothes


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