Bonding 101

w--B1alYaN9KsL_ZeWZdCq6IDBqDkQCfswpqIJCDXigAt the end of my last book “The Joy Experiment”, I was searching for a soulmate. The one. The person I could fall in love and spend my life with. Now I have the one. We married on December 14th, 2013 but we are still creating that soulmate relationship.

What I discovered (and you probably already knew) was that you don’t find a soul mate, you make one! Oh, I don’t mean you order it online or build it from leftover parts; I mean you create trust in a relationship, you kindle desire, you ask for forgiveness, you bring romance and offer a thousand gestures of love.

My next book will be about how I, a woman used to living alone and being single, CHANGED so I could be in a loving relationship. I call it “Bonding 101” because the lessons are so simple. But somehow I missed this class in school and in my life lessons. So I am learning it now with my very patient husband…How to share my heart, my food, my energy, my flaws, my voice, and my love with a good man.

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