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The Joy Experiment is an honest, refreshing look at how to clear away old beliefs and traumas and have more joy in your life. Laurence’s writing style is powerful and direct, while also being playful and witty enough to keep you reading on for more. Her personal story is compelling—something that I think anyone can relate to, and the combination of personal story, tools, and techniques make this an incredibly effective workbook for anyone wanting to experience personal growth—or simply more freedom, joy, and happiness in life. I highly recommend it!

~Leslie H.  

reading the joy experiment is like being with the BFF you share everything with — your wisest, funniest and most grounded, trusted friend. laurence walsh is with you every step of the way on your journey to joy. through sharing her own experiences so openly and vulnerably, she invites you to do the same, and clear space for the most important relationship there is — the relationship with yourself. step into a cocoon of transformation and a world of possibility and walk away feeling renewed with hope and optimism. this book was a pleasure to read!  thank you laurence!

~Audrey D.

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