Benefits of Self-Love

As I do 30 minutes of Self Loving a day for 40 days, many benefits have come to my attention. I know some people believe that self-love is selfish or self-centered, but I believe there is nothing a person can do to make them a better person. I am on day 14 of 40 days and here are my discoveries:

1. Loving myself allows me to be filled with warm, loving energy so I don’t need to use a substitutes like alcohol, sex or croissants to feel this warm, happy and dreamy.

2. Loving myself makes it easier to take better care of myself: eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, doing my yoga.

3. Loving myself deeply gives me greater understanding and compassion for others.

4. Loving myself gives me permission to be true to me rather than cave to pressure.

5. Loving myself makes me less dependent on others for attention and acknowledge. So, any attention/acknowledgement I get is a like a sweet unexpected gift.

6. Loving myself helps to bring up the parts of me that need loving and once acknowledged, that energy can be cleared, released and reused to support me.

7. Loving myself and seeing the beauty within helps me see more beauty without.

8. Loving myself, I am strengthened in my ability to love and connected to my higher self who is unconditionally loving.

9. Loving myself acknowledges my true value which is connection to spirit and not what I have accomplished or what I own.

10. Loving myself includes loving all the parts of my body. This makes my body feel alive and vibrant. It also allows me to feel safer so that when I sleep, I can deeply relax and let go.

11. Spending this time loving myself, I find I am attracting people who treat me in a gentle, loving manner.

12. Spending time loving myself, I can uplift others with my joy rather than bring them down with complaints or worries.

My self loving changes everyday. I began with sending loving energy to pictures of myself as a child. Then I moved into holding myself — hugging a pillow– and imagining loving myself at different ages. I also have imagined myself at low points in my life and sent light and love there. I hold and love myself until I see myself either happy, dancing or sleeping. I’ve also spent a few sessions loving my body which means sending light and love to each body part including my fat. (I love my fat!) My body lit up with the attention. For more guidance on self-loving please check out my Self-Love meditation on this website.

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