The Dark Night of The Soul

What is a Dark Night of the Soul?

It is that painful—ouch! transformative time where you have decided you want a better life and your body/mind/spirit have all aligned to help you get it. First, your body/mind/soul say “We have to kick out the dust.” In order to uplevel to the next frequency/level of consciousness – the one that is kinder, gentler, knowing it’s value, easily auspicious, intuitive, aligned – the body has to get rid of the negative energy holding it in place. It has to clear the thoughts, feelings and beliefs connected to the old way of being. Thus, ouch, everything boils up, you feel like you are taken under, you can feel like this is the end of everything, so that, yes, you surrender, ah! You let go of trying, you accept the inflow of support (spirit), you give up control and become the child of the universe.

Why do we need the breakdown? Well, we don’t all need it. We could make small progress on our spiritual path everyday. But sometimes we get too busy and wound around the survival instincts and we forget to uplevel. Yet we get that nudge that there is more – that we are more. So, our body forces us to wrestle our demons.

The demons are illusions sent to help you recover your innocence. The illusions can take the form of physical pain, emotional suffering, paranoid thoughts, unconscious anxiety. The important thing is to pay attention to what is happening to you. Feel your feelings. When we use alcohol or pot to repress these moments of discomfort, they double in potency. We are taught as children how to repress emotions, but we aren’t taught (unless we did acting) how to express and let go of these feelings.

So, the first thing to remember is that YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT! AND YOU WILL FEEL BETTER ONCE YOU DO.

Now, how to get through it? There are many ways. First, don’t identify with it. You are not your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. You are something greater than that and eternal. You are the consciousness witnessing the growth of yourself. So, don’t believe the demons.

Second, You have to take responsibility for your feelings. You cannot process feelings that you do not own. So, cut yourself and everyone else some slack and simply say, “I take responsibility for being judgmental or angry or a bully or a whiner and I let it go.” Then feel what it feels like. Feel the anger or the guilt or the rage. If you are too remote from your feelings and you have the secondary traits that scream of repressed feelings like insomnia and body aches, then you can use breath meditation to help the feelings come up and out.

Two breaths in—one, filling and expanding the stomach – one filling and expanding the lungs and one breath out – all through the mouth. (Or you can pound the bed, scream into a pillow, do Kundalini Yoga Releasing Inner Anger Kriya.)

Once you have full explored and cleared the feelings, now it is time to clear the underlying belief that created it. You can do that by forgiving yourself for judging yourself as a bully or as lazy or as a bad parent. You can often trace the underlying belief from whatever the trigger was.

If someone insulted your work and that upset you…the underlying belief is probably, “I am not good enough. My work isn’t good enough.” So, in order to uplevel to the next frequency, you need a new belief, “My work is excellent.” (The belief creates the reality, not the other way around.)

The breakdown has now become the breakthrough. Feel the spaciousness within. The body is filling with light of new awareness and self-love. The mind is rewiring itself for the shiny new belief system. The body feels relaxed having let go of that tension of resisting and having detoxed from all those old messages you no longer needed.

DNOTS transforms into the BRIGHT, SHINING DAWN OF THE SOUL. Ah! Feels better.

And don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for doing the work to get through it.
XO, Laurence

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