Pain, the Great Motivator

For many of us, pain is the great motivator for change. Pain swoops in and chastises us for working too hard or pain tells us we’re not in the correct line of work. Or pain shoots through our body and tells us to pay more attention to ourselves and our feelings. A painful divorce makes us look at the person we’ve become. A painful accident often slows us down so we can reexamine what we are doing with our lives. The pain of being alone can drive us to expand our hearts to connect with others. Pain is a very convincing foot soldier. It fights for us to align with ourselves body, mind and spirit.

But what if pain is not the Darth Vader, the devil, the evil we make it out to be, but merely stuck energy? We like our safe routines. Our guarantees. What we know.

If pain causes us to shift and change, perhaps the answer is to shift and change without the motivation of pain. Change through pleasure.

My inspiration for this really came from the book “Yes Man” which is entirely different from the (very good) movie of the same title. In the book, the writer dares himself to say “Yes!” to everything for an entire year and chaos and beauty ensue (and hilarity). Thus, I too started saying “yes” and doing things I’ve never done and I felt an incredible inflow of energy. With more energy came greater passion and following those passions, greater joy and more perspective.

Everyday became new and exciting. Never knowing what I would do or what beauty would open up for me.

But if saying “yes” to everything to get your energy flowing is too radical for you, I designed a nice (safe) way to get the mojo flowing…in five easy steps:

1. Ask for the help of your higher self. You know this self; you experience him/her in nature, in church, in moments of bliss and great love. It can be as easy as saying “Higher self, please guide me.”

2. Sit down and take a few cleansing breaths. This is to center and bring awareness into yourself.

3. Ask yourself, “If I could do anything differently today that would be for my highest good, what would it be?”

4. Wait quietly for an answer. It will come. If it doesn’t pop into your head immediately, give it some space. It may come when you sleep or take a shower or make the grocery list. It might come as a strong pull to go somewhere or you might be attracted to a facebook event. It might even come as a friend calling out of the blue to invite you someplace fun.

5. Do it. Whatever the guidance is, follow it. Don’t make it hard. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Do it to the best of your ability. Even if you do it badly or for half the time. The smallest change can change everything. Why is that? Because you are letting go of a habit. You are doing something new. This brings in fresh, new energy. Fresh, new perspective. A shift. An opening. From that opening, other openings occur.

This is the “manifold path to easy enlightenment.” Small shifts that continue to open us up to the oneness. It should feel good! If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. The reason it feels good is that you are bringing yourself into alignment with your higher self. The real you. The loving, lovable, wise, beautiful, funny, carefree, grounded you that is your true nature. The closer you come to that self, the more blissful you feel. Yes, there may be detoxing or resistance along the way. But on the other side of it – is joy.

As The Staple Sisters song says, “I’ll take you there. Mercy. I’ll take you there.”

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