In case you think affirmations don’t work…

Once an affirmation is stated, the universe quickly conspires to fulfill it. Whether you ask to be “beautiful, bountiful and blissful” or “to have more money or peace in your life”, as soon as you make the request, changes start to occur.

The reason that many people believe affirmations don’t work is that in order to get to the frequency of “bliss” or “peace” or “more money”, oftentimes we must clear a bunch of crap in our bodies and heads and spirits in order to feel it.

So, we ask for a soulmate relationship and then we find ourselves sick. What? That’s not what I asked for? But actually, it is. Because your body has gone into a state of clearing the muck and toxins that we consume, breath, eat, let in everyday. This is the path to your soulmate relationship. First, you have to clear every little negative thought, toxin, counter-intention standing in the way of your aligning with that soulmate vibration.

You ask to be “joyfully content” and suddenly you feel depressed. That’s not what I asked for! Affirmations don’t work! But actually that is the affirmation working! That affirmation is connecting you to feelings you have to feel and clear in order to be blissfully content. We have to clear our old traumas and toxins in order to feel our natural joy and loving being. Otherwise, we just continue in our negative, repetitive, anxious thought patterns.

Your spirit in co-creation with the universe instantly starts to move things to align with your intention. The trouble is we give up right when we are at the goal line. We poo-poo our affirmations and consume more toxins to cope with not getting what we longed for, dreamed, wished and intended.

But I know firsthand that once you clear your issues, fun and joy and laughter are waiting to be enjoyed.

So, take a chance, give it a go…state what you intend loud and clear:
“I am joyfully connected to my loving family.”
“I am surrounded by people who love and support my vision.”
“I am a gift to the world and the world is grateful to have me in it.”

Whatever your highest vision for yourself is: dream it, envision it, visualize it, intend it and then allow the universe to work its magic.

Whatever happens say “thank you” for the clearing and healing.
I know it is hard to disconnect from the pain, but if you can say “thank you for those tears, I know they will wash away what’s blocking me from my vision.”
I know it’s a challenge, but try “thank you for this temporary setback, as it is forcing me to look at what I need to change to obtain my goal.”
And not identifying with the self-doubt or illusion, say “thank you for these negative thoughts that I didn’t realize they were still lurking in my subconscious. I remember them from my childhood and I know they are no longer true.”
And then let it them go. Feel them and release them and then allow the beauty, the bliss, the light, the joy, the ease, the fun to fill up in the space you cleared.

And realize the truth of who you are: A co-creator. A powerful light. A gift from God. Part of the glorious evolution toward all that is good.

PS. This is not to say that every raising of your vibration necessitates a negative kickback, it doesn’t. Much clearing can done effortlessly through Grace. To co-create this, set your intention for a transformation filled with ease and grace and then trust the universe to set the best course for you.


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