How Good Can It Get?

In moments of unmotived, blissful reflection, I find myself asking myself, “How good can you let this be?” Having overcome my personal dark nights of the soul and the majority of my trigger issues, I am relaxing into on-going periods of silence, beingness and neutrality. Yes, the colors look sharper and my awareness spreads into the details surrounding me. And the occasional negative thought will pop into my head as a reminder of where I came from. Then my neutral mind will cancel that thought or let it go or I will choose to refocus onto what I want and my life purpose without engaging with it. But for the most part, my heart and mind are just open and blank. When I need to do, I do, when I need to rest, I rest. No commotion, no self-argument, just ease and flow.

It is like living underwater in the ocean. It feels deep and soothing. Like time is slowed down. Like that ocean is within me. I feel so much gratitude to myself for dealing with the triggers, for tracing them back to their root and plucking them like weeds (one at a time), or rewriting them like a script. All my work paid off. Now I get to relish in the deliciousness and discover for myself, “How good can life be?” It is in the moments between eating the next bite of breakfast or daydreaming as I take a break from work.

Can I allow life to be even better? Can I relax in that one area in my body? Can I receive more kindness from friends? Can I offer more generosity to strangers? Or to myself? What happens if I open to being even more joyful?

I share this reflection with you in case it speaks to you. In case it helps you allow yourself more joy and love. You deserve it. You can do more, be more and give more from it.

So why not exhale all constraint and worries and inhale a whole new world of possibility. Limitless joy. That’s where I’m headed…join me?

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