• Align with your best self and <br>highest good
    Align with your best self and
    highest good
  • Open yourself to feel bliss <br>in your body.
    Open yourself to feel bliss
    in your body.
  • Clear anxiety, depression <br>and anger.
    Clear anxiety, depression
    and anger.
  • Discover and live your <br>life purpose
    Discover and live your
    life purpose

Exercise of the Month


So often we are annoyed with people for not listening to us or valuing our opinion. This is a clear indicator that we need to listen to ourselves more and give ourselves the appreciation we crave. Good job, Laurence!

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Joy Infinite gives you the tools and techniques to live your most joyful life. With simple, yet life-changing breathwork, Laurence Walsh guides you to clear anger and depression, to let go of past traumas and to co-create the life you want to live. She leads breathwork circles in Los Angeles. You can also download her powerful breathwork meditations here or order a personalized meditation just for you!

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