On Constellation workshops:

“Thank you so much, I loved it. Laurence is SO skilled at guiding this process, staying neutral, and also knowing great questions/timing, etc. I can tell her intuition/higher self is really with her/assisting/leading. I could tell many things in my family lineage were shifting. I am very grateful!” –K.N. in SM

Laurence – your facilitator skills took my breath away.  Thank you for living in the gift and creating space through that gift for the healing of ourselves and ancestors.” – JE, Westwood

“Thank you so much Laurence for the incredible facilitation – you rock, love you! I felt many things in my family lineage shifting. Thank you so much, I loved it. I am very grateful! ”   –K.N., Brentwood

I felt a huge block move after my constellation with Laurence. It was really beneficial. I immediately got work and I’ve continued to double my income.” – J.R., Sherman Oaks

“Thank you so much, Laurence, for this amazing experience.  It was incredible.”  –I.C. in Malibu

On Breathwork:

“My healing experience with Laurence was profound.  I felt nurtured and supported as Laurence gently guided me through a very powerful process.  My body was actually vibrating as I felt old “stuff” being released at a cellular level.  I am so grateful to have found this therapeutic way to release blocks and step into a new expansive way of being.” -L.R.

“I did a one hour counseling/breathin g session with Laurence today and it was a miracle for me. From the cozy comfort of my bed, I reached beyond the emotional depths of the boom boom room and healed layers that I did not know existed. I give my highest and most profound blessing for her exquisite, loving, graceful and effortless healing work. I am awestruck and grateful. Please give yourself this gift…”-K. M. from Santa Monica

“Laurence is intuitive and a natural born facilitator, modeling strength of heart by her example. Through her group breathwork I have profound experiences with the energy of my body, guided breathing becomes a gateway to revelation and healing. For me, this is much more powerful and intense than “breathwork” implies, it is an opportunity to look my hurts and misunderstandings in the eye and release them forever, while tapping into deep levels of inspiration and creativity. Laurence is a gift to us all.” -B. H. in Echo Park

“Laurence’s breath workshop was transformative for me, I actually spent the first few weeks after one of her workshops passing by a mirror and looking at my reflection expecting to see something vastly different, as there were such huge shifts inside myself, I experienced Self Forgiveness.  The nurturing way that Laurence begins bringing her group together, created a safe atmosphere where I could fully let go.  She is intuitive and guided us through a process that facilitated opening my heart in such a profound way.   The dynamic breathing, along with the gentle, yet powerful focus she kept us on allowed my body to fully release issues that, in the past, I had difficulty letting go of.  The energy flow present in my body  created a path to allow my unconscious to heal in ways that I am not even aware of, other than I feel different today, lighter and am present with more joy in every day!  Each time I participate in one of her breath workshops something new comes forward and it is always exciting and uplifting.  I also know that if I am not aware of any “huge” shift, I know that my body is releasing and healing and feel calm, centered and nurtured each time!! “ -J.S.

“Healing through Breathwork with Laurence was an experience I will never forget. It came directly from Spirit with love, healing and a clearing that I felt in my entire body. A session with Laurence will open your mind and heart to issues that are in need of exploring. Our group was ready to receive all the gifts that she possesses-I highly recommend the experience.”  -M. M.